Batanes Itinerary & Expenses 2018

Pre-Departure Snacks Bought in Manila – Php 340 each
(Includes Ready to eat food, bread, sweets, coffee etc..)

Day 1 North Batan (Saturday)

Sustainable Eco Tourism Development Fee

Check-In Vatan Inn (Free Pick-up from Airport)

North Batan Tour via Kuya Victor Tricycle

Dinner at Monicas Canteen



Php350 x 2

Php1000 / 2

Php1000 / 2

Php320 / 2

Php1510 each

Day 2 Sabtang Island (Sunday)

One way to Ivatan Port from Basco

Ivaan port to Sabtang Port (Php100 each)

Terminal Fee (Php5 pesos)

Sabtang Environmental Fee (Php200 each)

Sabtang Island Tour via Kuya Erol Tricycle

Adela sa Fabres Rasayan Nu Ivatan


Vakul Rental

Dinner Fried Chicken/Rice/Egg (DIY) bought in Centro



Php250 /2

Php100 x 2

Php 5 x 2

Php400 / 2

Php1500 / 2

Php1000 / 2

Php90 / 2

Php20 x 2

Php350 /2

Php1920 each

You can save few buck is you opted to ride the jeepney that is schedule to start at 5am just ask around where they will be and be there by 5pm. Php37 per way

Fare: Php100 per way via Faluwa

2 Trips Everyday
◇ Going to Sabtang Island
– First Trip 6am-7am
– 2nd Trip 12pm-1pm

◇ Going Back to Ivatan Port
– Be there by 5:30am
– For 2nd Trip 12pm to 1pm

Budget for Day Tour: Php 1000 good for 3 pax via Tricycle (Half Day)
Budget Overnight: Php1500 via Tricycle whole day tour.

At lunch we ate Packed Lunch/Snacks Ready to eat foods.

Optional Expenses: Daing Flyingfish for Php350 18pcs, Pasalubong Chavayan Shirts starts at Php170+, Ref Magnets starts at Php3 for 100

Day 3 South Batan (Monday)

Sabtang Port  to Ivatan Port (Php100 each)

One way to Ivatan Port to Basco

Breakfast Packed Foods

South Batan via Kuya Victor Tricycle


Vatan Inn

Beehan Lunch/Dinner



Php100 x 2

Php250 /2

Php1500 / 2

Php90 / 2

Php1000 / 2

Php510 / 2

Php1800 each

Start the tour after arriving from Sabtang but it is advisable to spend a whole day for it to really appreciate the beauty of South Batan.

So you can also eat at the famous spot in Mahato Area (Paulvana’s) but it needs a  reservation.

I think there should be a Mahatao Environmental Fee for Php50 but we didn’t pay any because it was holiday on that day.

Did we mention we met fellow travellers that will go to Itbayat the next day so we agreed to come together to save some money.

Day 4 Itbayat (Tuesday)

MB Itransa (Sea port to Itbayat) Php450 each

Terminal Fee – Php 6 each

Breakfast c/o Kuya Bhong Php150 per pax

Lunch c/o Kuya Bhong Php250 per pax

Diiner c/o Kuya Bhong Php350 per pax

Van Rental – Php 4000 / 5 people

Guide Rental – Php1500 / 5 people

Levinda Lodge (Aircon for few hours) Per pax

Itbayat Tourism Fee Php110 each 

Torongan Cave Entrance Fee Php20 each



Php450 x 2

Php12 /2

Php300 /2

Php500 /2

Php700 /2

Php4000 / 5

Php1500 / 5

Php400 x 2

Php110 x 2

Php20 x 2

Php2625 each

Renting a Tricycle is Php2000 per day for 2 pax.
Php1,500 Tour Guide for the Itbayat Tour divisible by the num of persons.
Renting a Van good for 6 pax is Php4000 for whole day.
Bawang Isang Tali cost Php100 pesos in Itbayat!

Day 5 Rafang Cliff/(Spring of Youth)​ (Wednesday)

MB Itransa (Itbayat to Sea Port) Php450 each

Terminal Fee – Php 6 each

Breakfast c/o Kuya Bhong Php150 per pax

Van Rental – Php 2500 / 5 people

Guide Rental – Php1000 / 5 people

Vatan Inn Php500 per pax

Spring of Youth

BikSaFrappe Snacks

Lunch at Near Sea port

Dinner at Hudzans Cafe



Php450 x 2

Php12 /2

Php300 /2

Php2500 / 5

Php1000 / 5

Php500 x 2

Php500 / 2

Php260 / 2

Php340 / 2

Php925 / 2

Php2818 each

We splurge on our last day we ate Lobsters at Hudzans Cafe for Php165 per 100 grams and some Agar agar.

Total: Php10,673 each
(Not Included Pasalubong/ Airfare) But includes Tours, Fees, Accomodation and Foods) 

Day 6 (Back to Manila)

Terminal Fee is Included on our Flight Ticket 
Free Breakfast c/off Vatan Inn and Free Transfer to the Airport too.

So How to get to Batanes?

Philippine Airlines  – flies 2 times a day to and from Batanes but it comes with a hefty price tag if you purchase Regular tickets. Regular tickets can rank up to Php10,000 per way.

Cebu Pacific Air – Once a day but 4 months in advance can give you Php 5.500 per way.

SkyJet Airlines – watch out for seat sale this can go low for Php 3500 per way.

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