The island is located 1 hour away from Boracay. Locals mostly called it Hambil. If you have a lot of time and your destination is just Boracay. You might want to try the neighboring island “Isla De Carabao” which is already part of Romblon Province.

Koding Koding Point is the latest cliff attraction on the island. You can jump here unlimited if the weather permits. quick fact, our boatman said kuding kuding means cat and they don’t know what’s the reason behind the name.

This small island is called Carabao Island other’s called it Twin sister of Boracay and you can expect fewer people and establishments there, no green things or algae that are living on the shorelines of the beach. We’re totally amazed by the beauty of the beaches there and yes you can compare them to boracay!

Inobahan Beach

We are scheduled to go there on Good Friday but to our dismay, they don’t have trips in the morning due to the holiday but normally boats from hambil arrive at tabon port from 5 am – 6 am. We plan to be in Boracay the next day, so instead of waiting to our eyes become white we then proceed to our Option 1.

How to get there?

Option 1: From Boracay Island (DIY)*

Limited Time but got some money to spare?
Best option is via Paraw sailing, we get it at Php 2000 (Good for 6 persons)

Bye, bye sunnies spec! *carried away by the waves -_-
See you later Boracay!

What is Paraw Sailing? 
The paraw is a double outrigger sail boat native to the Visayas region of the Philippines. The paraw is similar to a proa, but the paraw has two outriggers or katig.

FIYWhen Peak-Season Paraw sailing for 30 minutes can cost up to Php500 pesos each.
(add a little more then it can take you to another province! #Project81)

Travel Time is around 2 hours and going back takes about an hour. Remember to hold properly in the nets you are seating and always wear your life jacket, there are waves that can actually move your body. Also, remove or secure the items that are not waterproof. Put away your eyeglasses you’ll never know when the waves will slap your face.

Paraw sailing gives so much adventure than riding a boat. Imagine you can just paraw sail to another province! >.<

Option 2: From Tabon Port near Caticlan Jetty Port

How to get there from Caticlan Jetty Port?
You can walk for about 15 minutes or just ride a tricycle telling the driver to drop you off at Tabon port and you are going to hambil. Php20 each.

FIY It will depart every day  6 am – 8 am except Good Friday
which happens every once a year  *Ask the locals to be sure*

They also have trip sometime in the afternoon but this will not work for us (3 pm to 5 pm)

or catch a boat where the workers leave going back to hambil somewhere in Station 1 that will leave around(3 pm to 5 pm) or early or maybe late (No Definite Schedule)  Php 100 each.

Option 3: From Tablas

You can reach tablas via plane or through roro. Then from Sta. Fe ride a boat going to Carabao Island.

Option 4: From Boracay Island (via Joiners/Island hopping)

Just walk around station 2 to station 3 to scout for the best price.

Koding Koding Point

keep in mind that it's not safe to jump when the waves looks mad

Travel Date: Holy Week 2017

Weather is a bit rough LPA is coming by that time to Boracay in a matter of hours.

Our Expenses (Peak Season)
Activity Expenses
Paraw sailing (4 to 5 hours)Php 2000 good for 6
Habal Habal to Koding Koding PointPhp 400 each for Habal
Entrance Fee Koding Koding PointPhp 100 each

(Php 400 each for Habal) we bargained it than the usual rate of Php 250 per hour. We literally spent 2 hours in Hambil.
Entrance Fee to Koding Koding Point is Php100, because it’s too early and there’s no other tourist we plead for Php50 each
(stayed for Php30 minutes for just photo ops and quick dip)

Contact: Habal Habal Driver 0907  288 8880

– When Good Friday, No early morning boats going out of Hambil Port.
– Bring a Sunblock
– Spend at least a day in Hambil and bring snacks or food before going to hambil to reduce expenses

Where to Stay?
Here are some few accommodation in Romblon

Kameo Lodge  
(Php 500 for Fan Room & Php 700 for Aircon Room good for 2)
Contact Number: 0915 690 9174

Inobahan Beach Resort
This is Day 4 of our 5 Days in Panay Island Escapade (side trip)

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