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Hello! Welcome to our humble site. Who are we?
He is Darelle Luntao and She is Trisha Aguilar
WARNING: This is a Couple Travel Blog!
So much cheesiness are up on this blog.
We blog about our travel life and a bit of our relationship.

Okay? Game. A little background on how we met. We’ve been together since September of 2013.
He is my Schoolmate, College friend, and Officemate and eventually we ended being in each other arms lol.
But of course, every couple wants to travel luckily it was a mutual decision that we decided to do it too.

Travel Life: Both Manila Based, On our first trip we overspent..On our second trip, we splurge on accommodation.
Traveling on a budget seems our goal but the outcome always the opposite but as we go on we have learned to appreciate to travel DIY (Do it Your Own) instead. We learned to stay on pension house, homestay, hostel and even Bus Terminal.  Try extreme activities, Tasted different kinds of foods and ride crazy mode of transportation but it the end Together we learned every step of the way.

“We travel because we’d rather look back at our life saying,
‘we can’t believe we did that’instead of ‘If only if we had…” 👣✈️🚤🚌

So let us inspire you to travel at your own pace at your own time one province at a time. Tara Let’s G?

On Our First Year

Long roadtrip to Pagudpud and Vigan
First Plane ride to El Nido

On Our 2nd Year of Traveling the Philippines


ABS-CBN (Choose Philippines): 
Manila Bulletin (Going Places): Finalist for Going Places Travel Video *2nd placer
When In Manila
TripZilla:  //bit.ly/TripZilla_SouthernMindanao
Travel Thoughts PH: Cagayan

Questions you might wanted to ask us? (We answer it here)

Why did you start this blog?

Similar to other travel blogs.. at first we just decided to document our travel and share it. Our goal is to travel the Philippines first and joining the bandwagon #Project81 #PinasMuna basically it’s the number of provinces in our home country the Philippines. We believe that we ain’t just born to pay bills and die. We are not rich we travel on a budget. We are trying to make this blog straight to the point and informative. We are not professional writers, photographers, nor travel film-makers……Ummmm just not yet.

But we guess somehow we all need to start somewhere right?

Who is He?

Just an ordinary employee who abuses his vacation leave just to explore and see what’s the outside.

What do you do for a living, Darelle?

Web Developer/ Programmer.

Who is She?

Trisha is a 20+ something woman consumed by wanderlust and a self-proclaimed digital nomad. Taking advantage of her job as a freelancer to travel with his other half. Believing in this french expression ‘La vie est belle’ meaning “Life is Beautiful”

What do you do for a living, Trisha?

She’s a Freelancer {Virtual Administrator, Project Manager, WordPress Developer, Solo Ad Manager etc…)

Are you full-time travelers?

As much as we wanted to it really depends on what seat sale we got #CertifiedSeatSaleWatchers

What Camera did you use on your travels?

Gopro Hero 4 Silver
Sony A600 + Lens
DJI Phantom Standard 3
*As of April 2018

Who make your Travel Videos?

He does it.

Who edit the photos?

She does it.

Are you rich or something?

We believe traveling is not for everyone it’s a privilege. Everyone has different priorities in life and travel is just one of ours. As we’ve said earlier we are trying to travel on the budget and we are still helping our family along with it.

How can i start travel?

First make your parents proud first by finishing your studies and help them as you can.
Real talk, You should work your ass off first so you can fund your travels! Look for another source of income. Reserved your emergency fund. Start that Travel Fund.
Never ever borrow money just to travel it’s a big NO NO!
Don’t rush! Good things come who those wait. Don’t worry your time will come.

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