South Cebu and Cebu City Tour

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By: Eljhay Alejandro

Date: Jan 17, 2017

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South Cebu and Cebu City Tour


Oslob Whale Watching
Kawasan Falls
Tumalog Falls
hot Spring
Bamboo Rafting
Pescador Island
Sumilon Island
Turtle Sanctuary
Sardines Run
Taoist Temple
Temple of Leah
Mactan Shrine
Magellan’s Cross

Day 0
19:50 Flight to Cebu (30 mins delayed)
21:00 Arrival at Mactan International Airport
Book a Grab Car Use Promo Code CebuAirport for 300php Less ( Valid until Feb 15 as long as your pick up is Mactan Airport)
Destination: Osmeña Boulevard
ask the driver to drop you off at “Larsian” (BBQ house in Cebu)

22:00 – 23:00 – Eat Dinner at Larsian

23:00 Get a Cab and ask to drop you off at Ceres Bus Terminal Bound to South Cebu

23:15 ETA at Ceres Bus Terminal

“Now you have 2 choices”
Ride bus going to Oslob right away or Sleep and wait for 3am Bus

We choose to ride the next available bus
12:30AM Bus going to Oslob
Ask the Driver to drop you off at Oslob Whale Shark Watching
Fare: 200 Aircon Bus (3-3 1/2 Hrs)

3:30-4:00 ETA at Oslob Whale Watching (Resort)
The driver will automatically drop you off at the resort where they offer Whale Watching. No need for a contact person

4:00-5:30 – Sleep

Day 1 : Oslob Whale Watching, Tumalog Falls, Kawasan Falls

5:30 – 6:00 – Get Ready for whale watching

Pay 500 for Whale watching + 100 for Resort Entrance Fee

6:00 – Go to Oslob Whale Watching Site
A girl will accompany you until you ride the boat
Note: waiting time is too long since a lot of people want to see the whale sharks.
We were able to finish at around 830AM.
Whale Shark Watching is only 30minutes per Boat/Group

8:30 Take Heavy Meal at the karinderya beside the Whale Watching Briefing Center and then Rest after Eating

10:00 – Ride habal habal to Tumalog Falls – (You can leave your things at the resort for the mean time)
Rate is 100-120/pax

10:20AM ETA at Tumalog Falls

Enjoy Tumalog Falls

12:00nn Go back to the Resort and get your things and Rest. Pwede ka din mag banlaw muna

13:00 – Go to Kawasan Falls

You have 2 options: Ride a Bus or Ride Habal
Option 1:
Ride Habal Habal going to Kawasan – Around 1 1/2 hours Travel time (250-300/pax)
Option 2:
Ride a bus going to BATO Terminal Station
From Bato Terminal ride a bus going to Badian Note: Ask the driver you need to go down at Kawasan Falls not Canyoneering Site

15:00 ETA at Kawasan falls (Kanto)
Walk 20-30 mins going to Kawasan falls

Note: You can book a room near kawasan Falls (1500 per night just like what we did. Don’t worry 1500 is worth it. Pag gising mo sa umaga solo mo falls for IG pics ? )
Also, do not try to rent a bambo raft yet, you can do that after canyoneering in Day 2!

Another option: You can Contact Jerome Blanco if you dont like to book near Kawasan. Jerom Can offer you 1k per night or 800 per night Aircon room.

Advantage lang is Gigising sayo is ingay ng falls at lamig.
Name of Room if KaWilly’s Room

Dinner and Rest! Enjoy!

Day 2 : Canyoneering

5:00 Wake up Call for Canyoneering
5:30 to 7:30 Prepare yourself
Eat , Pray and Exercise a bit for Canyoneering

Contact Person for Canyoneering: Blanco Jerome 09750143280
with Lunch, Gears, Bamboo Rafting at Kawasan Falls

8:00 Meet Jerome at Matutinao Church – Ito yung kanto kung san kayo bumaba Sa bus going to kawasan Falls

9:00 Start of Canyoneering Briefing
9:10 Start of Canyoneering

You have guides and photographer. 2 in 1. haha

13:00 End of Canyoneering
13:00 to 13:30 Lunch by Jerome. Don’t expect kase sa karinderya lang. Pero Masarap!
13:30 to 14:00 Rest and Walk back to Kawasan Falls
14:00-14:30 Bamboo Rafting
14:30 – 15:00 – Clean up and check out

15:00: Call Jerome and ask him if you can still go to Hot Spring. It is open till 5pm

If not, You can ask Jerome to book another night for you.

Rest, eat and sleep. This is your free time 🙂
Kapagod mag Canyoneering! Pero super worth it !!

Before Day 2 Ends, make sure to inform jerom you will go to Sumilon tomorrow and Pescador

-End of Day 2 –

Day 3: Pescador Island, Sumilon Island, Turtle Sanctuary and Sardines Run

5:00 Wake Up time
5:00 – 5:30 Eat / Prepare
7:00 Go to Sumilon Island
Enjoy Sumilon Sand Bar

12:00 End of Sumilon
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch
13:00 Go to Pescador island, Sardines Run and then Turtle’s Sanctuary
16:00 End of Trip

Pescador Island is 600/pax – 3 kame. Pero if more than 3 mas mura
Sumilon is 600/pax too.. Same rate.
pero if puntahan nyo both, mas mura. Ask nlng kay Jerome
Pero mas okay if both nyo puntahan.

So this day is more on Island Hopping

16:00 – 16:30 Prepare your things and you will go back to City

16:30 Ride a bus going to Cebu City. Ask Jerome to help you ride a bus. He will not leave until makasakay ka!

20:00 ETA at Cebu City
Go to Robe’s Pension House and Check in.
Make sure to Reserve at least 3 weeks before your trip.
Contact: Send Email via [email protected]

900/night good for 3

Check in andd Eat Outside.
There are a lot of tapsilogan near Robe’s Pension House

-End of Day 3 –

Day 4 : Taoist Temple, Temple of Leah, Ricos’s Lechon, Magellan’s Cross, Mactan Shrine

5:00 – Wake up time
7:00 – Ride Uber/Grab/Taxi going to Taboan for Pasalubong
9:00 – Go back to Robe’s Pension House and Check out.
10:00 onwards : Start City Tour.
How: Call AL to book his private car. 1500 for 4 hours. 300 for the exceeding hour.
You can also ride Habal. Pero mainit. Kaya mas okay mag Car. 5 kame noon kaya 300/pax
Contact #: 09158634661
Note: Make sure to call AL 2 days before. Or mas okay if 1 week before.

10:00 – Leave Robe’s Pension House and Enjoy your City Tour
17:00 End of City Tour
17:00 Ride Uber to Airport
18:10 – Boarding time
18:50 – GoodBye Cebu ?

End of Cebu Tour

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