Siargao Island is located in the Province of Surigao Del Norte easternmost island of the Philippines

If you don’t have plan to surf in the surfing capital of the Philippines.. Siargao…We got you!

The Famous Boardwalk Cloud 9 in Siargao Island
The Amazing Sugba Lagoon of Del Carmen
Naked Island
Magpupungko’s Tidal Pool
Daku Island with our #SiargaoSquad
The Night Sky in Octopus Bar

How to get to Siargao Island?

There’s a few different ways to go to Siargao Island.

Manila – Siargao
The most expensive way, flight tend to be costly

Cebu to Siargao.
So if you are coming from manila you need a flight to Cebu first then flight to siargao.

Manila – Surigao
You can save time by choosing this route but consider it a little bit pricy.

✨ Manila – Butuan
Though  you may consider it less expensive but travel time to surigao is about 2 hours via van.

Siargao via Butuan
You just need to ride 5 modes of transportation
Plane – Van – Multicab –  Roro (small ship) – Tricycle
1. Plane to Butuan
2. Butuan Airport to Surigao Van Terminal
3. Multicab from Surigao Terminal to Macapagal Terminal Port
4. RORO to Dapa Port.
5. Dapa Port to General Luna (Siargao!) Woooohoo at last.



We arrived at 6am in Butuan Airport. We headed straight to Surigao via van.
Vans to Surigao costs – Php200 (Just outside the airport) (2 and half hours)

Surigao Terminal to Macapagal Terminal (Php 9 multicab)  – at the Macapagal Passenger Terminal
There are only 2 trips going to Dapa Port (Siargao) First 5:00am to 6am and 11:30 to 12 noon
You can choose for different class when riding a RORO the usual is the Economy / Business Class
We took the JP shipping lines for 11:30 to 1:45pm travel time is about 3 hours.

From Dapa Port you can haggle your way to General Luna via 
Single Motor (Habal-Habal)  cost – Php100 per way good for 3
Tricycle cost – Php 200 (great for 3 to 6 persons)


Very Chilly at night.

Pappsens GuestHouse our Accommodation in General Luna (Accommodation Airbnb)

For Privacy matters we opted to stay on Airbnb. Php1850 per person for 3 nights inclusive of airbnb fees (Rates tend to change depending on the number of persons staying). The place is clean, well lit, surrounded of lushes, green plants, very peaceful, and spacious. This place is bang for the buck because of the FREE Motorcycle which they offer.

*Free Water
*Free Wifi
*Free Use of 🏍 *
*Bluetooth Speaker*
*Hot & Cold Shower

You will also be accompanied by two clingy dogs throughout your stay.

This is Max starting the Motorcycle
Boyfie's Officemate chillin in the Hammock

This place is very near with other hostels such as  Moonlight Homestay, Panglaom Hostel and Few Guesthouse. Here’s a map of the place because it doesn’t show up in Google Maps.

Other Accomodation To Stay
– Jay Lodge few walks away from Pappsens GuestHouse

You can also stay near the Cloud 9 Area. There’s a lot of Hostel offering Bunk Bed at Php350 or maybe even less.


You can either ride a Habal- Habal (Php20 per way) for a short ride.

The Cheapest way is renting a single motorcyle for Php 350 – 450 per day. (XRM type)
Scooter type would cost for Php500 per day. They would give you a discount if you rent for 3 days or more.

Gasoline is about Php39 to Php45 per liter. The Usual is Php40.


There’s a lot of Carinderia/Eatery in Siargao. Their stalls are easy to notice so you no need to worry where to eat in a very cheap way. Price range would cost Php30 to Php50 per viand.

Other than cheap eatery you can also try the following:

  • Tacos of Miguel's Taqueria - (Php100 for 2 pcs of Tacos)
 Flavors Chicken, Beef and Fish (MUST TRY)
They also serve Burrito for Php100
  • Mama’s Grill - Best place for grilled fixed. It usually cost Php70 per chicken good enough to fulfill your tummy. Isaw cost Php 5 (MUST TRY) with their sauce. Place get packed at night so be prepared to wait for sit.
  • Kermit Surf Resort and Restaurant Siargao - Expect to shell out Php800+) for 2 pizzas good for 3 persons. Bricked Oven pizza made to perfection.
  • Shaka Siargao - Power Bowls (Php200), Smoothie Shakes

Note: These are the only food place we’ve tried so we recommend you to explore, there’s a lot of good places to eat in siargao.


Every night there will be a certain place for partying keep an eye for announcement or asked the locals. Try the Octopus Bar they have Tuesday Party


  • Surfing in Cloud 9 at The Boulevard (Php500 for 1 hour)
  • Submerge yourself in Magpupungko Tidal Pools (LOW TIDE)
  • Go on Island Hopping (Guyam, Naked and Daku Island)
  • Stand up paddle in Sugba Lagoon
  • Make friends in your Hostel.
  • Visit Tak-Tak Falls (Along the highway)
  • Tayangban Cave Pool
  • Enjoy the night sky os Siargao
  • Visit the Jaw-dropping beauty of Sohoton Cove National Park in Bucas Grande 2 hours away from Siargao

Breakdown of Expenses (each)

Butuan to Surigao – Php200 each (400)
Surigao to Surigao Pier – Multicab – Php10 each (20)
Breakfast at Carinderia – Php 52 (105)
Business Class – Php 250 each (500)
Terminal Fee – Php 10 (20)
Dapa Port to General Luna – Php 60 each (120)
Rent of Motor  (700/3)
Gas (120/3)
Tacos 50 (75)

Day 1 Expense: Php 906

Breakfast/ Snacks = Php 90
Entrance Fee + Boat Rental Divided by 7 People = Php 308 
Waited for about 40 mins for people willing to share boat

ETD: 8:49am

(Max of 4 hours in Sugba Lagoon)
Sugba Lagoon (Php 30 per kg paluto)
Bring your own foods if you want to save few peso
Lunch at Eatery Besides the Tourism Office = Php75

ETA : 9:20am

ETD: 12:30

Travel to Mapupungko
Arrive at 2:15pm still low tide
Then 4:30 high tide
Entrance = Php20
Gas Share(21)
Parking Fee (20)
Snacks – Shake Php 40 
Dinner at Mama’s Grill – Php 113

Day 2: Expense–  755

Breakfast – Php30
Boat Rental – Free Transport to Dapa Port
Php 3500/6 = 600 
ETD in Gen.Luna (6am)
Depart at 6:45am to Socorro
Arrival at Sohoton Cove 9am
(Php 375 each fees / boat share) 
Lunch Php 197
Entrance fee Php25 /Tiktikan lagoon
Club Tara Php20
1:50pm Depart to guyam
Dinner at Kermit Siargao – Php 830/3
Gas  Share 45/3
Booze 180/3 

Day 3 expense== 1672

Power Bowls at Shaka Siargao – Php 250 
Gen Luna to Dapa Port Php (250/3) 84
RORO-  250 each 
EF and TF (Php 15)
Surigao Port to Jolibee – Php 8 each
Lunch – Php155
Caltex back of luneta park going to pebble beach – Php 16
Crossing to Pebble Beach – Php 20 each
Pebble beach to Bus Terminal (Php 150)/3  = Php 50 each
Terminal to Butuan Bus Php 250 
* We recommend to just take a VAN for faster travel and definitely cheaper 
Check in at flor al mansion butuan (Php200 for 12 hours)
Dinner at Saberinas Place (355/3) Php 119

Day 4 Expense ==1267

Butuan Intra R4 will pass by city-hall museum – Php8

Php1180/3 Lunch at Weegols Garden Restaurant

Terminal Fee 150 (300)


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