Coron Palawan Itinerary & Expenses 2017

Amazing Coron

No doubt Palawan hailed one of the best island by Condé Nast Traveler Magazine. We filipinos are very proud of this recognition. But have you been here? The question is can you afford it? .. Of Course! Contrary to the people saying coron is so expensive bla blah.. yadah yadah..

Coron is the third-largest island in the Calamian Islands in northern Palawan in the Philippines. The island is part of the larger municipality of the same name. (Yep i google it.)

Would you believe we spent around Php7K each or less for amazing 5 days and four nights vacationing and every cent we spent in this place is definitely worth it. Some backpackers did it way cheaper. But then again it all boils down depending how frugal you are. You may opted to just stick your plan budget per meal or splurge every now and then. 

Here's what to see in Coron: (MUST!)

Kayangan Lake

Known as the ‘cleanest lake‘ in the Philippines. There are platforms at the side of the lake and you can definitely what’s under the lake.

Twin Lagoon

When it’s high tide you have to climb up to reach the other lagoon or Swim under the rocks.

Skeleton Wreck

Dive in a deep blue sea and touch the Japanese ship wreck. Don’t forget to hold your breath hon!

Mt. Tapyas

 210-meter mountain located at the town of Coron. 742 tiring steps up high but the view will replenish your energy!

Calauit Safari Park  

Girraffes! Wild Giraffes! People are at the cage!

Puerto Del Sol Coron

Just a quick stop on our DIY to Calauit Safari

The Funny Lion

No. We didn’t stay here but we availed the “Dip and Dine” package that they are offering. Which is btw, they limit it per day.





Sanctuaria TreeHouse at Marawi Point

This is actually a resort. Nothing much to see here unless you want to wake up seeing a river, hills and a vast amount of skies. We only took few minutes here, to see what’s with the alley full of bushes (coz it’s very intriguing)


Bulog Dos Island

First stop on Island Escapade Tour, A bright shinny day. 

Siete Picados

Group of 7 islands, a snorkelling destination during the Coron island hopping tour.

Ocam Ocam Beach

Calm and very quiet beach. Remotely located in Barangay New Busuanga

Malcapuya Island

Definitely one of the highlights of the Island Escapade Tour. Powdery white sand, and crystal blue beach its like were in Boracay back in 1980s

Banana Island

Consumed our buffet style lunch at this very photogenic island.

and more places like Sunset Beach, Las Islas de Coral , CYC beach, Concepcion Falls, Malbato Church, Rio Playa, Alaminda Beach, King Fisher Park and Maquinit Hot Spring

You can actually add more depending on your length of stay in Coron. But for us with a limited 5 days of stay that’s are only options.

Things you should know before going to Coron

  • WIFI signal in Coron is not that good except if you are staying to a 3 to 5 star Hotels. Freelancer? Coffee Kong Cafe in Coron is a Lifesaver.
  • There's a lot of ATM in Coron. (Metrobank, BPI, Landbank, PNB Savings Bank, Agribusiness Rural Bank, Inc)
  • There are NO taxis in Coron or Busuanga
As a Freelancer: This Coffee shop is Lifesaver!

Best time to visit Coron

December to April is the best time you can visit you Coron, (April and May are the super peak season). Prices tend to increase a little. We visited Coron on February 2017 and the weather is perfectly good, though we experienced some rain in different parts of the island, we managed to stop and look for shelter every time we encounter a heavy looking clouds that is dropping rain, this actually happened while we’re traveling to Calauit. Rain is normal there and not that big of a deal.

Things to do in Coron, Palawan

  • Coron Tour A
  • Coron Tour B
  • Ultimate Tour
  • Coron Island Escapade
  • Culion Historical Tour
  • Reef and Wreck Tours
  • Calauit Safari by Sea/Land 
  • Mangrove Kayaking and Nature Park

Wow! that’s a lot of tour right? Let me help you choose.

  • Recommended Coron Packages are Tour A and Tour B
  • Limited time? (Go for the Ultimate Tour, mix of Tour A’s and Tour B’s Best) Don’t miss the Island Escapade
  • Calauit Safari is a must! visit the Wild Giraffes.
    READ: DIY to Calauit Safari via Motorcycle
  • Do you love Free Diving/Diving/Snorkeling? Go for Reef and Wreck Tour.
  • Got some extra time and money? (Go for the Culion Historical Tour)

Ok so how much will you spend in Joining group tours?

Coron Tour A – Destinations: Las Islas de Coral CYC Beach Sunset Beach Quin Reef Green Lagoon Kayangan Lake Inclusions: minibuffet lunch, entrance fees, life vest, tour guides, shelters and drinking water.

Php 900

Coron Tour C1 (Island Escapade) – Destinations: Malcapuya Island Waling-Waling Island Bamboo Beach Inclusions: mini buffet lunch, entrance fees, snacks, life vest, tour guides, shelters and drinking water.

*Update They have replaced the Island Escapade. No more Bulog Dos Island and Banana Island* 

Php 1200

Coron Ultimate Tour -Destinations: Las Islas de Coral Smith Beach Twin Lagoon Skeleton Wreck Siete Pecados Kayangan Lake Inclusions: minibuffet lunch, entrance fees, snacks, life vest, tour guides, shelters and drinking water

Php 1500

Coron Town Tour + Maquinit Hot Spring -Destinations: Lualhati Park Cashew Factory Souvenir Shop Mt. Tapyas Maquinit Hotspring Inclusions: Transport vehicle, entrance fees and tour guides

Php 650

Coron Tour B – Destinations: Barracuda Lake Smith Beach Skeleton Wreck Reef Garden Twin Lagoon Inclusions: minibuffet lunch, entrance fees, life vest, tour guides, shelters and drinking water.

Php 1200

Coron Tour D (Reefs and Wrecks) – Destinations: East Tangat Wreck Pass Island Coral Garden Lusong Gunboat Inclusions: minibuffet lunch, entrance fees, snacks, life vest, tour guides, shelters and drinking water.

Php 1300

Calauit Safari Tour -Destinations: Calauit Safari Sanctuary Busuanga Town Ocam-Ocam Beach Pamalican Island Inclusions: Breakfast, lunch, entrance fees, tour guides, shelters and drinking water.

Php 2500

Price and Inclusions based on JY Travel and Tours Coron that’s where we availed our Ultimate Tour and Island Escapade Tour. So you asked, Would we recommend them? YES! Though maybe there are a few comments like they should be strict in time when to depart.

FYI: Coron Tours package and rate are NOT standardized compared to El Nido.
So when you get there, scout for the best price you will see! Read all tour inclusions to be sure.

DIY The Tour!

You can save money if you decide to go walk around Coron town proper instead of availing a Coron Town Tour. i.e Mt Tapyas is walking distance from the main town as well the Lualhati Park.

You can also rent a motorcycle in Angel MotorBike Rental (We highly recommend this) The owner is so nice that he did not charge us even we exceeded the 12-hour rate). He even let us pick up the motorcycle the night before we go to Calauit Safari because we’re leaving by 5 am the next day. *Note Gas not included*

Go to Calauit Safari Park then take some side trip, optional if you have extra time. Also before you return the motorcycle to the shop you can stop by and chill at Maquinit Hot Spring to end the day. (we’re sure that you’d be tired after the Calauit adventure) Shell out Php200 for that.

DIY Calauit Safari

YES! It’s cheaper for just Php800 pesos each using a motorcycle (Including fees, etc..) and plus side trips!
READ: Calauit Safari via Motorcycle

Foodtrip in Coron! Let's Eat!

  • Try the famous Gelato of Pedro's Gelato (Nutella yummy!)
  • Tita Esh Eatery (Combo meals)
  • R2R Resto Bar (For Silogmeals)
  • Foodtrip in Coron (Common restaurant open 24 hours)
  • Big Mama's Pinoy Hot Pot & Grill Restaurant
  • Potato Corner (YES that famous fries!)

The listed above are the once we’ve tried. Meals are ranging from Php70 and up

Where to Stay in Coron?

Coron is a bit bigger compared to El Nido. You can either stay within the town proper or outside of it. It depends on your preference there’s a lot of backpackers place you can choose from as well mid hotels to luxurious boutique Hotel.

We stayed at Marley’s Guesthouse for Php500 per night good for 2 pax fan room.
*Update they have increased it to Php600*

Other Backpackers Choices are:

Read: Coron Resorts and Hotel
Check out the Hotels in Coron under Php2000

How to get to Coron?

So you have some knowledge about Coron now. You have several options on how to get there. Read More: How to get to Coron

You can take a Ferry from El Nido. But wait! book your flight to Manila first or wherever you came from! There are three airlines operating going to Coron (Philippine Air lines, Cebu Pacific and SkyJet)

Breakdown of Expenses

1. From Coron Airport to Coron Town Proper Php 150 per way standard.
2. Check-In to Marley’s GuestHouse 4 nights stay (Php1000 per pax)
3. Our Funny Lion Experience (Infinity pool + Jacuzzi Roof deck + Good food)  
Read More The Funnly Lion Dip and Dine 

Expenses for Day1: (Per Pax)
Airport to El Nido – Php150
Tricycle to Funny Lion – Php 25
Dip and Dine Package – Php 500
Walk back to Marley’s
Dinner at R Bistro – Php 130

Total: Php 1805

1. Breakfast – Php 40 (Bread and Coffee)
2. Ultimate Tour (7 destination) Php 1500 (discounted) got ours for Php 1300 cause we plead. 🙂 *pssshh it’s a secret*

  • Twin Lagoon
  • Sunset beach
  • Cyc beach and Las islas coral
  • Kayangan Lake
  • Ship wreck
  • Siete pecados

3. Dinner 125
4. For the next day Motorcycle Rental Php 550 + Php 150 (Gas) divide by 2 persons

Expenses for Day 2 (Per Pax)
Breakfast – Php 20
Ultimate Tour – Php 1300
Dinner – Php 125
Motor/Gas – Php 350

Total: Php 1795
Personal Expenses (Optional Not Included)

1. Brunch (Foodtrip in Coron and bread from a small bakery) – Php126
2. Entrance + Feeding Php 200 for the Park Entrance and Php25 pesos for the feeding in Giraffe (Php450 / 2)
Guide tip *No standard guide fee but we really enjoyed our tour, the volunteer guide taught us many things about giraffe  so we tipped him- Php 250 
3. Boat roundtrip – 400 (good for 8 persons) but we don’t have people to divide it so we shouldered it all.
4. Gas – Php141 divide by 2
5. Snacks divide by 2 – Php  26
6. Dinner – Php 140

Optional Coffee kong expenses
160 – Matcha Ice Latte
180 – Coffe + Waffle Combo
55 – Potato Corner Fries

Expenses for Day 3 (each)
Brunch – Php126
Calauit Safari Park – Php225
Boat Roundtrip – Php200
Gas – Php 70
Snacks – Php 13
Dinner – Php 140

Total: Php 774*
*optional expenses not included

1. Breakfast 16 + 55/2
2. Tour C

  • Malcapuya Island
  • Bulog Dos Island
  • Banana Island

Php 1200 – Php100 discount 😀

3. Snorkeling, a small boat pulled us to get where the fishes gather – Php50 *don’t miss this!*
4. Snacks 50/2
5. Dinner 170

Day 4 (Expenses each)
Tour – Php 1100 (discounted)
Breakfast – Php35.5
Snacks – Php25
Dinner – Php170

Total:  Php 1330.5

1. Morning climb to Mt. Tapyas Breakfast – 130/2
2. Snacks at Coffee kong – 349 (Optional) (Spend time until the last trip on van to airport)
3. Lunch at R2r bistro – 150 chicken inasal 100 dangsilog
4. Van to Airport – 150
5. Terminal Fee Php 100

Total Day 5: Php 465 
Total Day 4:  Php 1330.5
Total Day 3: Php 774*

Total Day 2: Php 1795*
Total Day 1: Php 1805

All in all our expense each is Php 6171**
*Personal Expenses not Included
Airfare is about Php1098 each (piso sale)
**Included accommodation, food, tours and fees.

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