Why Sugba Lagoon?

First time of hearing Sugba Lagoon, I have no idea that it was 1 hour away from General Luna, (Until i research) The Main town where most the accommodation located at. The Sugba Lagoon is situated in Del Carmen. In the middle of Magnificent Rock formation and Mangroves which reminds me of Sipalay in Negros. This is basically the newest attraction Siargao Island has to offer, So don’t be surprise this place will gonna soon be popular.

Okay so are you hype enough?

Here's how to get to Sugba Lagoon

Option 1: Join group tour such as Kermit Siargao every-now and then they offer tours for Php2,000 per person. Including all the transportation (VAN), Unlimited SUP (Stand-Up Paddling Board), Snorkeling Gears, Drinking Water, All other fees and Buffet Lunch)

Option 2: (Much Cheaper way)
Let’s DIY which what we did.
1. via Single Motor (Habal – Habal)
Rent a Motorcycle for Php350 Gas up for Just 2 litters (1 litter approximately Php40 per Litter)
2. via Tricycle
Recommended for Group of  group of friends (4 to 6) You can haggle for around Php1k – Php1.5k)

Expected expenses in Sugba Lagoon

Here's the Tourism Office. Besides the Del Carmen Port. The Jumpoff point of the Island Hopping

Mandatory Entrance Fee cost Php 50 for Local Tourist, Php 100 for Foreign Tourist
There’s Different Tour Packages offered by Tourism Office. 

Tour A - Sugba Lagoon

Boat – Php1,600 ( Good for 6 persons)
In Excess is Php200 per head maximum of 9 guest per boat including tour guide

Tour B - Sugba Lagoon & Kawhagan Sand Bar

Boat – Php2,000 ( Good for 6 persons)
In Excess is Php200 per head maximum of 9 guest per boat including tour guide

Tour C - Sugba Lagoon, Kawhagan Sand Bar & Mangrove View Deck

Boat – Php2,600 ( Good for 6 persons)
In Excess is Php200 per head maximum of 9 guest per boat including tour guide

1. Children below certaing age is FREE of fees but maximum of only 3 kids per boat.
2. Eco-guides if requested is Php300 per tour.

We just choose the Tour A because that’s the only budget we had and due to limited time.

Also we Recommended: 
Bring your own Foods or Buy it at the Wet Market near the Tourism Office.
Php100 per kg. (To Cook Your Raw Foods) 
Trivia:  Ihaw = Sugba that’s why it called Sugba Lagoon.


Look for their Menu of the Day or Fresh caught fish/large look a like lobsters? (Which is very costly starts at Php300) add also the Table fee of Php50 per table (Mandatory)

What to do in Sugba Lagoon?

  • Swim your hearts out!
  • Rent a SUP It's Php 200 per hour or Php 500 for a whole day.
  • If you are lucky enough. Get a chance encounter for Stingless Jellyfish and Some blue Jellyfish
  • You can also rent a water bike.
  • Not as Swimmer? Rent a Lifevest for Php50
  • Jump at the springboard (Just 5ft high)
  • Stand on a Bamboo Raft for Php100

Note: Also they limit our stay at only 4 hours because it is peak season when we get there. Surfing Season (September) that’s why there’s a lot of tourist there even early morning. So you are good to stay here whole day if it’s not peak season.

All set? Enjoy Sugba Lagoon. Tag us on our Facebook Page if you find this blogpost helpful.

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