Solo in Legazpi, Albay

Solo travel can seem scary, yes, but once you take the first step to independence, you will realize how liberating it can be!

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Pre-departure must do list:

✔ Download “Legazpi” Map offline on your smartphone (Google Maps) Trust me you will need it!
✔ Check-in on your mobile phone then print it out in NAIA Terminal 3 or web check-in whatever suits you
✔ Bring empty water bottle
✔ Inhale… Exhale (First Solo Trip Starts Now!!!)

 Assuming you already booked a flight to Legazpi got mine for Php 1183 round-trip! (Booked One month before the travel date via Cebu Pacific Sale!) Not bad if you asked me
You can also take a quick look for bus rates here starts at Php800

Day 1 Arrival

How to get out of the Airport without taking a taxi?
After leaving the arrival area just walk straight to the gate and just do a 10 minute walk just open your google map and you will know when you get there.

From Airport to Penafranda Park – Php 8 pesos only then walk to the hostel (5 minute walk)

Check-in at the hostel (Mayon Backpackers Hostel) – Php 1050 (Aircon Dorm Room) 3 nights
Free light snack toast, Bananas and coffee
While waiting for my room number (At the living room with a family of travelers…)

The Dorm Room (Rizal Room)

I already drop the pin on every site i want to visit see below.
Start of my DIY tour from hostel to Daraga Church – Php 8 And it’s just a short walk all the way up to the church..

Magnificent Daraga Church
From Here (Take the other side exit at the back of the Church just go down from there) to Cagsawa Ruins (Not sure what jeep to take just ask around) – Php 8
You won’t get lost as you will see this sign in the highway…

From here don’t take a tricycle just walk it will just be a short walk (5-10 minute walk to the ruins)
Cagsawa Ruins – Entrance fee Php 10

Soloista selfie at the ruins..

It’s super hot ..
So after scouting for the best deal i got it with kuya rigo.. He is affiliated with AWS’ Mayon ATV Adventure. He gave it to me at P1000 for 200cc (it is super bad-ass ATV) lol. You can contact kuya 09776881041- Kuya Rigo..(ATV) and request for kuya gerald for your guide. (Anyway i did my ATV the next day)
After i visit the cagsawa ruins i just take another jeep to sumlang lake from cagsawa ruins — Php 8

Sumlang lake —25 per pax sa balsa (Solo on the raft) because it’s weekday
 After this i walk back to the main road and get back to the hostel From Sumlang lake to Albay Cathedral – Php 13
zzzZz (*Upload*) — Update Social Media – Update Parents/Boyfriend on my whereabouts
It’s Dinner Time!  (I found a new friend at the hostel that night. She instantly became my food buddy every night at legazpi)
Ms. Kat. of Stories of a Wandergirl From our Hostel (Albay Area) to embarcadero- Php 7
*PS: Im not that familiar to the jeep signage sorry just ask the locals don’t be shy*
We had our Dinner near the Embarcadero (Street Food Galore) You will see that instantly  Bought some Groceries in LCC Mall (For Food tomorrow!)
Go back to the hostel from Embarcardo to Albay — Php 7

Day 2 It’s The ATV Day!

From Hostel to Albay Area to cagsawa ruins again — Php 9 It took us 3 hours to finish the trail (back and forth) Honestly i only drove it for a 30-40 minutes as my weak arms can’t do the 200cc haha poor me. Also did i say i flip over? haha! (got some small scratches but it’s fine)

Back-ride to Kuya gerald poor trisha. haha!
*The Weather on that day seems so gloomy with a little rain* The ATV green lava trail cost me around —Php 1000 + 50 entrance fee (environmental fee?)
From Cagsawa Ruins to Albay —Php 9 I did go back to our hostel to freshen up and proceed hopefully with my other tours unfortunately there was a strike jeepney vehicles are limited at that time. Did you know that i waited for over an (hour in Cagsawa Ruins to Albay) \ So by the way so i proceed to my destination to 1st Colonial Grill (Because it’s my birthday so i choose to splurge for my food this time)

My Birthday Lunch

The Sili Ice Cream Level 1 + Sili Milkshale Level 1

Lunch : 215 (Plated Meal) + 88 (Sili Ice Cream Level1) + 115 (Sili Milkshake Level1) I say it was ok and unique flavor #wheninlegazpiMustEat and then after that just chill to hostel…(talk to other travelers) *It was raining hard that time* 12noon on wards so no choice for staycation.** Dinner at Big’s Dinner Legazpi (The 24 hours near Albay) with Ms. Kat — Php 199 (1 pc.big chicken with rice and drink and separate order of spaghetti Ms.kat treat me for a mini birthday cake… She so sweet. 🙂 Also that night i am thinking where to go the next day as it was raining hard that night (I was suppose to go to Sorsogon for a day trip but i have my doubt’s) haha so i just follow my guts not to go and try to convince other fellow solo travelers to go to camalig just an hour ride away from albay) (For the Greenhills and Underground River and Falls)

Day 3  (Divide by 3 people) (Solo Travelers)

I travelled with Ms.Cath from.Bohol and Ms.Rosa and Carlo (He said she is Summer at night) Carlo is a kind stranger from manila who droves a new red wigo car. He offer us a FREE ride to camalig. It really saves us a lot as well the time. And so the crazy road trip begins at 6am, we bought breakfast and lunch at Cres Snack Inn since it’s the only open establishment that time. Breakfast Bought for Breakfast and Lunch at Cres Snack Inn Cheap and Huge Servings — Php 135
From Albay to Camalig — FREE ride (perks of being friendly) but if not free it should cost less than Php 50
And then we need to Habal habal to get to the green hills– Php 20 each
Alternatively you can rent a tricycle from Camalig to Quitinday Green Hills for Php400

Quitinday Green Hills Sooo hot!
From Quitinday Green Hill to Underground river/ Quitinday falls
Entrance to Quitinday hills — Php20
Underground river/Quitinday falls Environmental Fee, Parking, Bamboo Raft Fee — Php 93 each
Hoyop hoyopan cave – Php 100 per pax
Habal Habal round-trip- 200 per pax
From Camalig to Albay – Php 17
(If you are not yet tired you also have to option to go to jeep to Ligao from Camalig for Kawa kawa hill Php40)
From Albay to Lignon hill — Php 10
By the way when i say Albay it always the main road near the Mayon Backpackers Hostel because that area is Albay

Entrance to lignon — Php 20

Lignon to Albay – Php 7
Albay to Embarcadero — Php 7
(It’s nice to walk from Embarcadero to Legazpi Blvd at night)
Legazpi Blvd to lcc mall — Php 10
LCC Mall to bob marlin near albay area – Php 7

Because the Mayon is so shy …..  (View from Lignon Hill)

Day 4 It still raining when i woke up

… I got this crazy feeling and crossing my fingers that my flight would not be cancelled
From Albay to Airport – Php 10 (Just a short walk) And so i was approaching to the entrance they already cancel the PAL so i was like ok that’s not my airline so then i check-in on kiosk pay terminal fee and go to the restrooms and after a few moments after settling in the boarding area for like 15-20 minutes.. *DING DONG* Cebu Pacific Flight chuchu*** have been Cancelled (due to Bad weather)  Please proceed to check-in counter for assistance… Me: “I was like F*****CKKKKK** So people rush in to check-in counters as i waited like 2 minutes before i get up on my sit as it was still sinking on my head hahaha (got my reroute/refund) i did chose to reroute which i used for coron
^Still it was raining hard so i am thinking that the next flight would be cancelled too, I did left out of the Airport and took a tricycle From Airport to Legazpi Bus Terminal – Php 50 (Standard rate if you are coming from the Airport) So after scouting I took a Penafrancia Bus to Manila– Php 1105 Departure time is at 6pm: (12-13 hours bus ride)
*Additional Tip based on my experience*
– Be friendly! This is the key it will save you a lot.
– If it’s raining hard check and double check if your flight gonna be delay or cancelled so you don’t have to pay the TERMINAL FEE which is NON REFUNDABLE even your flight is cancelled they won’t take it back 🙁 booohooooooooo bye Php 150
Have patience if you have chance to moved to the next flight even if it’s raining just take a chance and pray it might be delay but still it might go through. In my case the next and much later flight push through even they are delay. hahaha. So Yeah i learned my lesson.
– If you have extra money choose a Recliner Bus very much comfortable other than ordinary bus.
– Buses going to manila from legazpi is until 6pm only.

Travel Date: February 24 (ETA 8AM) – February 27 (Cancelled Flight due to bad weather) so i had to take a bus just to go back to manila

It was indeed a great memorable first solo travel. Can’t wait to do it again

Breakdown of Expenses

Day 1 Arrival
Activity  Cost
From Legazpi Airport to Albay cathedral Php 8
Hostel to Daraga Church (jeepney signage Daraga) Php 8
Daraga Church to Cagsawa Ruins Php 8
Entrance Cagsawa Ruins Php 10
Lunch at Carinderia in Cagsawa Ruins Php 60
Cagsawa Ruins to Sumlang Lake Php 8
Sumlang Lake Balsa ride Php 25 per pax
Sumlanglake to Albay Cathedral Php 13
Albay Cathedral to Embarcadero Php 7
Dinner  (Street Food Galore) Php 60
Embarcardo to Albay Php 7
Mayon Backpackers Hostel 3 nights Php 350 per night dorm bed Php 1050
Total Php 1264
Day 2 ATV Day
Activity  Cost
From Albay to Cagsawa Ruins Php 9
ATV Green Lava Trail with Guide Php 1000
Environmental Fee Php 50
Lunch at Colonial Grill super splurge! Php 303
Colonial Grill to Albay Cathedral Php 7
End the day early because of heavy rains
*It should be Mayon Skyline View Deck just ride a jeep going to Legazpi Terminal going to Tabaco estimate less Php 100
 Then just rent a tricycle or habal going to the view deck Maybe Php200 per habal or tricyle roundtrip
 Dinner Php 70
 Total  Php1439
Day 3 Camalig Adventure 
Activity  Cost
Cres Snack Inn Heavy breakfast/brunch Php 8
Albay to Camalig — FREE ride ng car (perks of being friendly) est less than Php50
Road going to hills is very steep so we need to Habal Habal Php 20 per pax
Alternative rent a tricycle for Php200
Entrance to Quitinday hills Php 20
 Underground river/Quitinday falls Environmental Fee, Parking, Bamboo Raft Fee  Php 93 each (remember i do have other 2 travelers with me)
Hoyop hoyopan cave entrance fee  Php 100 per pax
 Habal Habal Round-trip from Quitinday Hills to Underground river  Php 200 per pax
 Camalig to Albay Cathedral  Php 17
 Albay to lignon hill  Php 10
 Entrance to lignon  Php 20
 Lignon to Albay  Php 7
Dinner at Bob Marlins  Php 150
Total Php 652
Day 4 Going Home
Activity  Cost
Albay to Airport Php 10
 Due to Bad Weather flight just got cancelled (re-route my cancel flight)
Airport to Legazpi Terminal Php 50
Terminal Fee at the airport (Non refundable even cancel flight) Php 150
Bus to Manila via Penafrancia Recliner bus (sorry maarte lol) Php 1105
Brunch at Legazpi Terminal before riding the bus Php100
Dinner at Stopover Php 100
 Total  Php 1515


So all in all despite of the unfortunate events i did managed to spent around Php3113* so if you take the regular bus going back to manila Php800+

Php4,000 is a safe budget to go solo in Legazpi

Price might changed without prior notice the Php8 pesos jeep fare might be Php9 now.

*not included the airfare and the bus going back to manila

Instagram Snaps (Dahil magupdate daw ako sabi ni Boyfriend)

It’s a good day to fly waiting never been so good catching flight not feelings @merelle_ph #getawayToadventure #35yearsofmerrell ✈#wanderskye #herschel #merelle (Php 150)

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