SevenSeasWaterpark - Cagayan De Oro

Seven Seas Water Park and Resort is the newest attraction of Cagayan De Oro in Misamis Oriental. Located at Brgy.Opol 20 minutes away from City Center. Second time in Cagayan De Oro. We are very intrigued about this place because it tagged as the Mindanao first world class water theme park.

Seven Seas Waterpark - Cagayan De Oro

They’ve got a lot of thrilling slides such as the Cannon Ball Run, Cutlass, Pacific Reef , Cyclone which should be accompanied by 4 people and the First in the Philippines the almost 90 Degrees Plank Drop!

Add to that they have Riptide Reef, Escape Tunnel and Pira-Chute.

Don’t forget to chill at Buccaneer Bay Wave-pool. I’m not sure if the waves are per hour or it really depends with the number of people in the pool. Try the Mighty Maui River too.

They have 2 David Jones Locker to keep your valuable safe. Php50 per locker good for 1 day. One near the entrance and the second one is near the Captain Kidd’s Hide Out.

The Way to get here is a bit tricky you need few rides before you get there.

SevenSeasWaterpark - Cagayan De Oro

So How to get here from Cagayan De Oro?

From City Center Make your way to Gaisano Mall and ride the a Jeep infront of the mall (Php7 each) forgot to take a photo of the multicab sorry make sure let them know you are looking for opol jeepney

From the Drop off point you need to ride a “Iponan-bulua-Patag” Multicab (Php14 each) drop off would be the Crossing in Bulua *Landmark is when you see the Rose Pharmacy in front of Jolibee.
Walk until you reach a rusty motorize (Php60 for both of us)

*If you have any much better clear way let us know in the comment section

or the Easiest way is to get a Taxi to Seven Seas Waterpark (recommended for group of 3 or more)
The best way to get back is via Taxi (Spent around Php160 includes the traffic going to D’morvie suites)

What to expect in Seven Seas Water Park?

  • They Don’t offer overnight stay yet just a day tour (Operating Hours is from 9am to 5pm)
  • Outside food and drinks is not allowed in the Water Park. Don't attempt to bring water bottle because it won't pass by the security. Yes bottled water is not allowed. If you want you can eat in the Parking lot for those who have vehicles.

Foods Meals Starts at Php99 (Combo Meals) Burger & Fries, Pasta, Chicken Roast Chicken
Pirates Den offer Dimsum (Starts atPhp59) and Rice Bowls (Starts at Php109)
Water cost about Php30 . They have this milo shake for buy 1 take 1.

  • They have a strict swimming attire and Gopro is only allowed when it’s on head strap.
  • Rates in the weekdays is cheaper than weekends.
c/o of Seven Seas Water Park
  • They have to weigh you in before going to slides.
  • Staffs are very helpful and very approachable.
  • All in all we had so much fun got few-scared a few times because i'm a scaredy cat.

Park Rules

Sorry please zoom in.

Important Notes

1. Even if you don’t take the rides and only use the swimming pools you still pay the weekday rate or weekend rate.
2. They don’t reserve tickets online you only have to buy the tickets there.
3. They have this function hall for maybe gathering or celebration so that needs to have reservation.
4. Gazebos are on a first come first served basis  For group reservations (30 pax and up), You can email them at sevenseaswaterparkreservations@gmail
5. They accept credit card/debit cards even on Food Station.
6. It’s optional to rent a cottage/cabana (Rates are 600 for 6 to 8 persons, Php700 for group of 10, Php900 for 12 pirates)
7. They also have Olivers Cafe (For Sweet treats) and even a Pizza Store (which i’m not sure if it’s functioning now?)
8. And of course they have souvenir store.

Seven Seas Water Park
Operating Hours (9am to 5pm everyday)
AddressZone 1 Road,, Opol, Misamis Oriental
Phone0998 822 1956


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