Boracay Island

What to Expect on the Island?
? Best Beach Sand in the Philippines. I’ve ever step on so far yes BEST i already conclude that …..i thought it was Calaguas then Palawan then Dahican Beach so yeah Boracay White beach is on my Rank #1 now.
? Koreans! Hahaha i was like are we on the right place ???
? Perfect Unwinding/Chilling place for any ages.
? Off peak season == Unpredictable weather most everyday is always raining
?Off peak pros == cheaper!!!! ???

How to get to Boracay from Kalibo International airport?

Ditch the package the plus boat/fees etc… after arriving at the airport
It will be cheaper if you get a van (waiting van just out side fare cost Php 200)
(Travel Time 1 1/2 hour to 2 hours)

Expected fees at the Caticlan Tabon Terminal and Vice Versa

Caticlan to Boracay
Terminal Fee – Php 100
Environmental Fee – Php 75
Boat Fee – Php 25

Boracay to Caticlan
Terminal Fee – Php 100
Boat Fee – Php 25

PS. Way expensive for a boat terminal fee hahaha.

After arriving at the port hop-on an e-jeep or tric…
Joiners – Php 20 each to D’mall
(Php 100 to Php 150 for whole tric)

(D’mall is where you want to be drop-off while hunting for best deal to sleep if you don’t reserve online yet but it’s off peak haggle all you can haha!)
What to do in Boracay
Beach Hopping
(no entrance so it’s FREE)
?White Beach (My Favorite)
?Puka Shell Beach
?Diniwid Beach
?ilig-iligan Beach
?Bulabog Beach (They called it back beach)
(We did this at Bulabog Beach so yeah the scene is not that spectacular compared to white beach…)
Helmet Diving (Effin scary if you haven’t equalize your ear before diving hahaha)
(Get a package it’s cheaper)
But remember the more you are in a group the more cheaper it can get since we are only two we get it at Php 1600 each for both activities stated above)
Drink and Chill at Night (Wait for Happy Hour) for Buy 1 take 1 drinks ?
Beach Hopping via Bicycle (Php 200 per hour) – Php 500 for (3 hours)
Not recommended if you don’t have strong stamina Like me haha ??
#WastedMyMoneyHere lol. So i took.a habal habal just to get to the beaches while the bf and my friend ride a bike.
Walk from station 1 to 3 and vice versa i so love to walk (barefooted from station 1 and 2)
Standup paddleboarding (Php 300 per hour)
Foods To Try in Boracay
Beef Salpicao of Smoke Resto (Php 150)
Jonas Fruitshake /Choco Banana Peanut & Avocado Mango Shake (Php 120)
Happy Hour at Epic Boracay (Buy 1 Take 1 on drinks) Epic Mudslide (Php 200)
Calamansi Muffin at Real Coffee (Php 60)
Matcha Green Milk Tea at Sunflowers Cafe (Php 150)
Carinderia near the bulabog road (Php 50 to 65 per meal)
Margherita pizza at Spider House (Php 310)
Where to stay in boracay?
It’s off peak you scout for the best place ?
– YCL Hotel (beside Charlies Steakhouse and Dinner (5 minute walk to white beach fronting main road 10 minute walk to bulabog beach
Php 650 per person* min of two
(Deluxe Room with free breakfast)
Php 1600 (Php200 off) orig off-peak price
(Superior Room with breakfast good for 4)

For the not so picky backpackers..
But expect a lot of flaws and Ewwws ok? And a shitty snob staff at night Haha….but very good American breakfast and very helpful morning staff (Josephine)?
Php 900 front beach of the back beach (Bulabog Beach) Surfers Home Resort

All the recommended activities,food etc..are just based on our experiences there’s a lot of activities you can try there we will be back for sure hopefully with a lot friends so it can be cheaper hahahaha!

For a cheaper ride back to Kalibo Aiport once you arrived again to the port hop-on a ceres bus going to iloilo and tell the conductor to drop you off at kalibo
(Php 111 each) Then ride a tricycle for Php 50 pesos for two to the airport
That’s Php 136 each compared a van for Php 200 right? ???
(Travel Time: 1 1/2 hour to 2 hours)
(Recommended if you are not in a hurry to get back)

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